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Jiffry Zulfer

Founder & CEO - PickMe (Digital Mobility Solutions Lanka (PVT) Ltd)

Jiffry Zulfer is a successful entrepreneur who holds the title as the founder & CEO of PickMe (Digital Mobility Solutions Lanka (PVT) Ltd) . Being an active technologist , he has joined Zeelabs in 2000 and worked as a programmer , Tech Lead and Project Manager for 8 years respectively. He was a partner at DB consulting and holds 1 year and five months of experience at BDM - Microsoft. In 2011 , He has joined Digital Commerce Lanka (PVT) Ltd as a Cheif Technology Officer & Founding Management Team and worked there for 3 years and 5 months. Jeevana was founded in 2010 by Jiffry parallely to his career in 2010 and PickMe is identified as one of the most flexible transport services in Sri Lanka.