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Chamira Prasad Jayasinghe

Managing Director, Arimac Lanka (Pvt) PLC

Chamira had a strong intuition of what he wanted to accomplish in life and kept moving towards his goals. Like for many other utopians, success came with tough grind for Chamira and his company, Arimac. There were mistakes made, few significant ones throughout the journey, but the mistake Chamira did not commit is quitting. His magnetic energy, stick-to-it-iveness and adherence attracted many similar minded alpha geeks to join Arimac. The depleted state of working capital did not discourage Chamira or his team from their dream of being the Unicorn of the industry. Today Chamira's Arimac is partnered with one of the leading venture capitalists in the country. Work environment and culture at Arimac individualizes Chamira's leadership style, values and approach that include being humbly obsequious. He is original, normcore and unconventional. These characteristics built an impromptu loyalty and led Arimac attract world's most leading brands to work with. What is remarkable is how Chamira grapple day to day situations by going beyond conservative modus operandi and comprehending what brings reflective action in to play to maneuver the ventures and arduous demands of Arimac's customers, and that too he manages to portray to seem effortless. Finally, and most importantly, his mystique personality has formed a true-blue fraternity that works around the clock to strengthen Arimac's mastery over the industry. Chamira's academic background includes a First-Class Honors Degree in Computer Science. His extracurricular activities include winning and being nominated for international awards for brain computer interface and human computer interaction projects. He was involved in research collaborations with Silicon Valley companies and top tech universities in the US, Singapore and Australia.