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Mirko Behnert

Managing Director, Vorsprung Digital Ltd

Mirko’s 20+ years professional experience spans across different verticals in the Travel-Technology, Hospitality- and Mobility-Industry. Born and raised in Germany he left his home country in 1999 with a degree in Business Administration to join in London as a founding member and in charge of Marketing, Strategy and International Expansion. Following the dot-com crash in 2001 he moved to a more corporate Environment at Avis Europe to lead their E-Commerce efforts and increase the share of Online Transactions. In 2006 he was drawn back into the more dynamic- and agile world of Start- and Scale-ups when he joined Expedia-Europe. Over the following 5.5 years he headed up Marketing for, Corporate Development and Strategy for the Group and Marketing and Analytics at a newly acquired subsidiary in Italy.

Since 2012 he has been working as an Independent Advisor and interim Executive partnering with management teams of leading players in Europe to assist them in refining their business model, driving digital transformation or expanding into new markets. Furthermore he enjoys mentoring young Entrepreneurs be it inside the Techstars Eco-System or outside it.

Mirko’s passion for travel (both professionally and personally) has taken him to explore over 80 countries around the world. He has worked- and lived in England, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland and is now based in Lisbon, Portugal.