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Chamira Jayasinghe

Founder and CEO , Arimac Digital

Chamira Prasad Jayasinghe is a serial entrepreneur, innovator and an avid programmer. A visionary to be the Unicorn of the ICT domain, drives the leadership of an innovation based company – Arimac Digita Private Limited – a USD 7 Million valued company making progressive strides since its inception in 2010. He is a multi-skilled entrepreneur with a long-term aspiration in making breakthroughs in innovation through Design and Research, for National and International Enterprises. Today under Chamira’s leadership, Arimac has partnered with one of the leading venture capitalists in the country. The work environment and the culture at Arimac individualizes Chamira’s leadership style, values and approach that include being humbly obsequious. He is original and unconventional, characteristics personifying Arimac’s work and initiative to place Sri Lanka on the world map.

He made his humble entrance to the programming arena by compiling GW-Basic Code Snippets. With hard work, commitment and self-studies he paved his path to master Visual Basic 6.0. He genuinely acquired a number of National and International awards for the innovative software products he implemented such as Artificial Intelligence Based Chess Engine, Sinhala Sub Operating System etc.

He holds a Bachelor of Science (Hons.) degree in Information Technology with a First Class Honors from Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology. During the time he executed multiple research projects and achieved various National and International Awards.

Though his vision has become a reality, yet he believes that journey of a true entrepreneur never ends. Making use of his exceptional entrepreneur skills, Chamira intends to uplift the future generations’ programming and innovative skills as a gratitude to his masters and motherland. He currently conducts several workshops and informal sessions to impart his knowledge and to uplift the interest of students towards programming. He was involved in research collaborations with Silicon Valley companies and top tech universities in the US, Singapore and Australia.

Among the many professional and personal accolades won by Chamira include; National Best Quality Software Awards 2012 - ICT Entrepreneur of the Year 2012 – Special Recognition Award, Sri Lankan Representation for Asia Pacific Information and Communication Alliance, 2011, Thailand (ranked 2nd out of 21 projects across 16 countries), National Best Quality Software Awards 2011 (Tertiary Category) - Best Product Developed using Open source Technologies, National Best Quality Software Awards 2011 (Tertiary Category) - Silver Award, Microsoft Imagine Cup 2011 - Top 5 Finalist, National Best Quality Software Awards 2010 (Tertiary Category) - Silver Award Project Title, Best Web Award 2009 (Sinhala Category -