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Ankur Mehta

Sr. Analyst - Corporate Innovation at T-Hub Hyderabad

Started his Journey in Forex Trading Firm in Cyprus & London based companies. A Certified Six Sigma by British Standard of Institution & ISO 9001:2008 Lead Auditor Certified by Bureau of Indian Standards. More than 5+ years in Hyderabad Startup Ecosystem being a part of TechStars -Startup Weekend, Founder Institute and CIE IIIT-H Incubator & India's biggest Incubator at T-Hub Foundation which is a unique partnership with Govt. of Telangana now Heading the Partnerships & Alliances at Eleven01 Protocol India's first Homegrown Blockchain Protocol to supercharge the blockchain initiatives in India. Ankur keeps a key interest in catalysing In Innovation, Scale & Deal Flow. He is passionate about enabling start-ups to make positive differences and adding value to the startup ecosystem in the workplace and the economy at large; I believe Playing rock paper scissors not only limited to the company as well as for an individual growth i.e. think B.I.G. (Believe, Inspire, Grow).