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Nick Marino Jr

Director of Social Change -TangoTab

In 2016, Nick was named as one of the Top Texans Under the age of 30. He is the Director of Social Change at TangoTab and has been with the company since the start. TangoTab is a mobile app that you use to find restaurants. Every time you check-in aka TangoTab It at a restaurant on the app, TangoTab feeds a person in need, locally. To date, TangoTab is available to use in 100,000 restaurants and has fed over 2.5 million people in need. Outside of TangoTab, Nick is the founder of MISSIOND and his Live With Purpose clothing line, Regly a new app for the service industry releasing in June, co-founder of Revolving Mind Media and will be opening his first restaurant, SubMarino's in late 2018. Nick is also finishing his first book, Living With Purpose that will be released in Winter 2018.