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Randhula de Silva

Chief Disrupter at GIZ SME Sector Development Program

Randhula is the Chief Disrupter at GIZ SME Sector Development Program and works towards strengthening the Sri Lankan start up and business landscape across regions. She's an advocate of social and cultural evolution and has created influence towards change through progressive dialogues, independent campaigns and activities for over a decade. Randhula is also a promoter of homegrown artists and has founded platforms such as Kolamba Talkies to promote independent filmmakers and is also an Executive Producer of a feature film herself.B Working across such diverse communities and disciplines, Randhula acts as a passionate connector, disrupting silos and a promoting innovative crosspollination and collaboration. She also sits on the board of Directors at Trace Expert City and was previously the head of Information Intelligence Services at Verite Research. Randhula has served as the School Captain of Musaeus Collage and holds a Master's degree in Regional Development and Planning, Bachelors in Business Administration from the University of Colombo as well as a Postgraduate Diploma in International Relations.